Jacsons' Enterprises is the most reliable manufacturer of steel cabinets and metal enclosures.

Over two generations of experience in the metal-craft industry, we continue moving forward and now pride 

ourselves as the sole manufacturing powerhouse in Mindanao with the highest caliber of Filipino workmanship.

We are the creator of robust steel cabinets that provide functional and security solutions. We continually evolve

our craft in the fabrication of integrated designs to influence space inspired by a certain lifestyle.


Jacsons' Enterprises started in the 70s in Iloilo City as a single proprietorship owned and founded by Jose Antonio Celis. The company name was taken 

from Jose Antonio Celis & sons, thus Jacsons'. It began as a trading enterprise for office equipment such as typewriters, calculators and steel cabinets.

In the early 80s, the business then shifted to steel manufacturing, mainly steel cabinets, enclosures and other related steel and metal products. Being 

the only existing steel manufacturing plant in the region, Jacsons' Enterprises expanded its reach, later then capturing the Western Visayas market.

In 1997, one of the incorporators, Engr. Francis S. Celis, carried on the family business into the Mindanao Region and established its second

manufacturing plant in Misamis Oriental. A decade following, Engr. Celis was presented an opportunity and collaboration with the Department of

Science and Technology (DOST) for the advancement of the company's product quality through the intervention of the electrostatic powder-coating

technology. The plant grew in workforce, establishing branches in Davao and General Santos and consequently earned a network across the Visayas

and Mindanao Regions. 

From humble beginnings, Jacsons' Enterprises continues to pay forward through constantly evolving its craft, adapting with the times and seeking

innovative designs and solutions.




We uphold our tradition with the highest manufacturing standards in the fabrication of superior steel cabinets and metal enclosures. We value collaboration with our clients to create and integrate functional and reliable product designs. And inspired by our local craftsmanship, we passionately seek to be the best-in-class in the metal-craft industry.


We envision ourselves to be the most sought-after Filipino brand in the metal-craft industry by becoming a multi-faceted manufacturer of steel fabricated products to the incorporation of non-steel materials in the creation of movable and/or built-in masterpieces.




We believe that Filipinos are hardworking & talented individuals with excellent workmanship.


We value synergy and effective communication with our team and clients to efficiently achieve quality product design and timeline.


We uphold the highest ethical standards in our craft.


We foster new ideas to fuel unexplored designs and solutions that would give added-value to our products.




Carrying on and strengthening its values, Jacsons' Enterprises has earned some recognitions as a company.

In 2012, we were awarded as the Best Regional Adaptor of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP) for the successful utilization of its technology interventions and technical assistance, resulting to its impressive market performance and outstanding improvements in production and quality. 

Earning and learning from this recognition, we shared this milestone during the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Forum as a speaker on The Success Story of Jacsons' Enterprises in the Metals Industry. 

In July 11, 2018, Jacsons' Enterprises was incorporated through the Security & Exchange Commission (SEC) to Jacsons' Enterprises Corporation.